Try to apply Structure oriented evaluation model for your case

There are established new model for evaluation. If you need to do evaluation and not yet selected your model, this model is for you.

Theoretical background is well linked to measure theory and product space.

Click HERE to read in detail theory of structure oriented evaluation model.

Important is you have to describe your evaluation targets/goals via logical structure. Please check from above showed link. From my thesis you can find some example, how to create logical structure.

Based on those logical structure you can generate questions for data collection.

After data collection coming most interesting part of this model. You can use web based tool for structure oriented evaluation model to process your collected data.


Follow hints how to put your data into calculation tool. After ENTER you will receive immediately table with your data and results of evaluation.

All formulas which was developed based on logical structure you can find HERE.

Enjoy to apply new evaluation model to your research and study.

Just, not forget to CITE!

Tudevdagva, Uranchimeg. “Structure Oriented Evaluation Model for E-Learning.” (2014). 123 p.

If you interested in this model and used any how in your case, please share your experience back to author.


Thank you in advance!

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