Language C

Programming language

We will study under this title programming language C. C is very wide using language for beginner. You can find a lot all free e books and free lessons from internet about C language. I will use one of best free lesson. Lecture slide will show in English from source but I will give to you speech in Mongolian. Here you can find pdf files of my lectures. Before every lecture student must download and read given materials.

Lecture 01 ppt/pdf – Types of programming technology

Lecture 02 ppt/pdf – Data in C program, Variables and constants

Lecture 03 ppt/pdf – Operator and operands, Expressions in C program

Lecture 04 ppt/pdf  – Statements, assignation statement

Lecture 05 ppt.pdf  – Condition in if statement

Lecture 06 ppt/pdf – The function, prototype, body and invoke functions

Lecture 07 ppt/pdf – User defined function

Lecture 08 – Quiz 01, Loops in C

Lecture 09 ppt/pdf – User defined data types, array in C

Lecture 10 ppt/pdf – Declaration and assignation of array

Lecture 11 ppt/pdf  – Pointer, usage of pointer

Lecture 12 ppt/pdf  – Char type. function for char type

Lecture 13 ppt/pdf – Data type structure

Lecture 14 ppt/pdf – The structure with array and pointer

Lecture 15 – Quiz 02, Files in C

Lecture 16 ppt/pdf – Error caution and try catch statement

Turbo C++ Compiler for Windows 7

Нэмэлт материал (Интернэтээс олсон Монгол хэл дээрх материалууд):

Алгоримтын үндэс

Програмчлалын тухай үндсэн ойлголт

Си хэлний үндсэн ойлголтууд


Си хэлний командуудМассивЗаагч


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